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This famous design is finally available for download. This design features a simple white flower taken from that symbolize purity. This is one of my favorite that I absolutely adore.

Here are all the files that go with this design.
  1. 9 main images
  2. 4 dots images used as a button
  3. 1 "dot"
  4. puritycss.css
  5. index.php
  6. header.php
  7. footer.php
  8. tagboard.html
What is in this package?

Purity uses PHP Dynamic Inclusion to navigate. Header.php is the top banner and the left navigation bar. Footer.php is the right navigation bar and the bottom banner. Both files are connected to this index.php through a simple code < ? include ( ' header.php ' ) ; ? >. To change the navigation, just simply go to footer and header to change it. Every new page added should have the code place in the correct order (such as this index.php for example). I also added a javascript that creates a pop up page, which can be used for a tagboard. Of course, you need to add your own tagboard. That's all there is to it.
How does this design work?

You can use this layout IF YOU FOLLOW MY GUIDELINES.
  1. This layout cannot be redistributed without my permission.
  2. This layout cannot be used to display obscenity, which includes but not limited to pornography, hentai, sexual obscenity, discrimination, hate-listing, or inappropriate image gallery, etc..
  3. The watermark in the bottom banner must be left intact and visible to visitors.
Terms of Use